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Feeling a bit undistinguished among all the mask clad faces or while attending virtual meetings? Now more than ever our eyes are doing the talking, expressing, and our eyewear is center stage to conveying our uniqueness and style. Ready for a fresh new look? Eyephoria Optical is open by appointment. Call and schedule a visit!

About Us Eyephoria: "Eyewear for a new frame of mind"

At Eyephoria Optical we believe there is more to just improving your vision. Your eyeglasses are the first thing other people see, so shouldn't they be fabulous? Not only should they look good, but they should be fitted properly. The proper fit improves your vision as well as ensures comfort. Eyephoria optical combines cutting edge technology with the latest in fashion allowing our patients to get the absolute best out of their purchase. See clearly, look great!

Eye Exams Available

Eye Exams - Not Just Seeing Well, but Being Well. Even if you don't wear glasses, annual eye exams are important as a preventative means to manage one's overall health. Eye exams not only can detect vision problems; comprehensive eye exams can reveal the warning signs for more serious undiagnosed problems. When identified early, treatment can begin before symptoms advance and complications become critical.

Do you suffer from Digital Eye Fatigue?

Two or more hours of digital device use can cause bothersome symptoms like reduced visual acuity, eye strain, tiredness and dryness. Learn how to address eye fatigue during your exam.

Limited on time?

Eyephoria Optical offers comprehensive eye exams on state-of-the-art equipment. Our HD retinal imaging allows a thorough eye examination without the added time and blurred vision of dilation drops. We are conveniently located at 100L Cummings Center, Suite 104K, so caring for your eyes has never been easier.

Health and Vision Insurance, HSA/FSA accepted. Schedule your eye exam today! Please call 978-338-5558

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